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Understanding Managing Diversity 6th Edition Harvey Allard – Test Bank

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Understanding Managing Diversity 6th Edition Harvey Allard – Test Bank

Carol P. Harvey
Note: Correct answers are indicated by * in the test bank. These questions pertain to the major readings, not to the cases or the exercises.
Choose the correct answer.
Introductory Reading & Section I – Understanding Individual Perspectives of Diversity
1. Diversity can become a competitive advantage to organizations because it has the potential to
a. decrease creative solutions to problems.
b. deter white men from applying for jobs that they know will go to women and minorities.
c. be an advantage in a global marketplace.*
d. All of the above
2. Today, strategic organizational diversity is primarily about
a. obeying the Equal Opportunity laws.
b. striving for inclusion for all types of differences.*
c. race and gender differences.
d. appealing only to diverse consumers by hiring a diverse workforce.
3. Which of the following is not an example of primary diversity?
a. Religion*
b. Age
c. Ethnicity
d. Sexual orientation
4. Which of the following best defines the term, the “business case for diversity”?
a. Providing proof that having a diverse workforce can lower costs and increase profits.*
b. People are defined by their primary and secondary social identities.
c. Having a more diverse workforce means your organization will always be more profitable.
d. Diverse employees tend to work for less money.


5. The error of essentialism means that
a. most of us have unearned privileges that we are unaware of having.
b. diversity is essential to organizational success in the 21st century.
c. essentially we are all alike under the skin.
d. we explain a person’s behavior according to only one social identity group
membership, such as ethnicity.*

6. Sherry is interviewing candidates for a high level position. She believes that all male managers have
poor people skills. Her belief, which could influence her hiring decision, is an example of __________.

a. a privilege
b. the truth
c. a stereotype*
d. good judgment
7. According to the Body Ritual Among the Nacirema reading, which of the following is false?
a. All cultures are different.
b. Our own culture becomes the standard against which we judge other cultures.
c. The Naciremans have very different values and practices than North Americans.
d. We seldom recognize how strange our own cultural practices may appear to outsiders.
8. McIntosh’s White Privilege article
a. only pertains to understanding racial differences.
b. points out that it is difficult for us to see our own unearned advantages.*
c. is sexist.
d. no longer is valid because today everyone has equal opportunities.
9. Which of the following statements is/are true according to Parker’s article, The Emotional Connection
of Distinguishing Differences and Conflict?

a. People’s differences present opportunities for organizations to be more creative.
b. Differences always lead to negative conflicts no matter how hard we try to avoid them.
c. Emotional intelligence is needed to make conflicts have positive outcomes.
d. a & c*


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