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Software Engineering A Practitioners Approach 8th Edition By Pressman – Test Bank

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Software Engineering A Practitioners Approach 8th Edition By Pressman – Test Bank

Chapter 10 – Test Questions

  1. What types of nouns resulting from a grammatical parse should be considered as potential analysis classes?

Answer (Section 10.1):

  • External entities (systems, devices, people)
  • Things (e.g. reports, displays, letters, signals)
  • Events occurring during system operation
  • Roles (e.g. manager, engineer, salesperson)
  • Organizational units (e.g. division, group, team)
  • Places
  • Structures (e.g. sensors, vehicles, computers)
  1. Describe the roles of the three sections of CRC (class responsibility collaborator) cards?

Answer (Section 10.4):

  • Class name identifies the data object uniquely.
  • Responsibilities are the attributes and operations for the class.
  • Collaborators are those classes required to provide a class with information needed to complete a responsibility.
  1. List three types of classes that may be present in the analysis model.

Answer (Section 10.4): Entity classes, Boundary classes, Controller classes

Final Exam Questions

  1. List the characteristics that should be considered when considering potential classes for inclusion in an analysis model

Answer (Section 10.1):

  • Contains information that should be retained
  • Provides needed services
  • Contains multiple attributes
  • Has common set of attributes that apply to all class instances
  • Has common set of operations that apply to all object instances
  • Represents external entity that produces or consumes information


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