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Marketing 7th Edition by Dhruv Grewal – Test Bank

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Marketing 7th Edition by Dhruv Grewal – Test Bank

Marketing, 7e (Grewal)
Chapter 6 Consumer Behavior

1) Generally, people buy one product or service instead of another because they perceive it to be a better value.

2) The consumer decision process begins with a comparison of available alternatives.

3) The greater the difference between a consumer’s unsatisfied need and the desired state, the greater the need recognition will be.

4) Sally wants a new car that will be dependable transportation and look good. She wants to satisfy both functional and psychological needs.

5) When Glenn is thirsty, he always buys a Coke. Like many consumers, Glenn engages in considerable alternative evaluation when buying habitual products like his Coke.

6) One benefit of having satisfied customers is that they may spread positive word of mouth.

7) Setting high customer expectations is a good strategy that will help avoid customer dissatisfaction in the long run.

8) Customers are more likely to talk about service that exceeded their expectation than about service that did not meet their expectation.

9) Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is an interesting concept for psychology, but it has little relevance for marketing.

10) Situational factors sometimes override psychological and social factors in the consumer decision process.

11) Frank is out of milk and bread and needs to decide what is for dinner. He will be stopping at the grocery store on the way home. Frank will likely engage in limited problem solving.

12) Consumers involved in habitual decision making engage in little conscious decision making.

13) As manager of a local donut shop, Arnold greets his regular customers by name and often begins making their order when he sees them drive into the parking lot. Arnold knows habitual purchasers with strong store loyalty are great customers.

14) Rachel is visiting colleges before applying to schools. Rachel is likely to be involved in an impulse buying process.

15) When making an important purchase, consumers often consult friends and family. This is considered an external search for information.


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