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Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain 2nd Edition By Swink – Test Bank

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Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain 2nd Edition By Swink – Test Bank

Chapter 06
Managing Quality

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In its promotional material for bed linens, Scarsdale Corporation states that all sheets and pillowcases sold to customers should have and actually do have a thread count of exactly 600 threads per inch. Scarsdale is apparently emphasizing:

A. Design quality.

B. Conformance quality.

C. Product quality.

D. Reliability.

E. Total quality management.

2. Which of the following statements is false?

A. Quality dimensions are easy to measure for tangible goods, while they are difficult to measure for services.

B. Dimensions of service quality are similar to the dimensions of quality for tangible goods.

C. Some firms still have a poor understanding of quality and quality management.

D. All of these are false.

3. Stu Johnson, CEO of Johnson, Inc., attended a seminar on Total Quality Management. Which of the following is NOT something he is likely to have learned at that seminar?

A. Some aspects of quality are difficult to measure because they depend on customers’ judgments.

B. Quality is primarily the responsibility of operations management.

C. Quality results from design as well as operations and delivery.

D. Cross-functional teams are important in TQM decision making.

E. He is likely to have learned all of these things.

4. Variability as the source of most quality problems was a major contribution of which quality management thought leader?

A. Juran

B. Imai

C. Crosby

D. Deming

5. “Zero defects” is a concept of quality management of which thought leader?

A. Deming

B. Juran

C. Crosby

D. Imai

6. Sanford Corp. bought new technological systems to inspect the quality of products as they come off the production line. The expense of operating these systems would be an example of which of the following types of quality-related costs?

A. Internal failure cost

B. Appraisal cost

C. External failure cost

D. Prevention cost

7. Xanadu Inc. decided to increase the training received by new employees. The expense of this training is an example of which of the following costs of quality:

A. Appraisal costs

B. External failure costs

C. Internal failure costs

D. Prevention costs

E. Quality control costs

8. The TQM view of organizational structure states that

A. Employees must support management decisions.

B. Management must support employees.

C. Customers want quality products.

D. Middle management must support and enforce top management decisions.


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