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Making the transition from LPN to RN 1st edition – Test Bank

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Making the transition from LPN to RN 1st edition – Test Bank

Chapter 1: Multiple Roles
1. Jennifer is reviewing class notes she made during her PN program 8 years ago. This is an example of which phase of transition?
a. The neutral zone
b. A new beginning
c. Transformative learning
d. Ending, losing, letting go

2. Which of the following characteristics of learning is at the highest level?
a. Reaction to the information
b. Analysis of the information
c. Use of the information in various situations
d. Recall of factual information on an examination

3. John’s learning inventory showed a high auditory preference. Which of the following would be most beneficial?
a. Highlighting the book content
b. Taking detailed notes during class
c. Participating in a seminar discussion
d. Completing a computer-assisted lesson

4. A personal factor to consider for efficient time management is the individual’s
a. spirituality.
b. work schedule.
c. social obligations.
d. course requirements.

5. Which of the following is least effective in managing test anxiety?
a. Allocating sufficient study time
b. Joining a compatible study group
c. Reviewing notes in the car before taking the test
d. Getting sufficient sleep after reviewing the content the previous evening

Answer Key: 1. D, 2. C, 3. C, 4. A, 5. C


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