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M Management 3rd Edition by Bateman – Test Bank

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M Management 3rd Edition by Bateman – Test Bank

Student: ___________________________________________________________________________
1. Leaders serve people best by helping them develop their own initiative and good judgment, enabling
them to grow, and helping them become better contributors.
True False
2. Today, having a vision for the future and communicating that vision to others are not essential
components of great leadership.
True False
3. Academic research shows that a clear vision and communication of that vision lead to higher growth in
entrepreneurial firms.
True False
4. Visions can be small or large and can exist only at higher organizational levels.
True False
5. Many people, including managers who do not develop into strong leaders, focus on performing or
surviving day by day.
True False
6. As long as leaders know what they want, lower-level employees do not need to understand it.
True False
7. Effective managers are necessarily true leaders.
True False
8. The ability to lead effectively sets the excellent managers apart from the average ones.
True False
9. True leadership involves dealing with the ongoing, day-to-day complexities of organizations.
True False
10. Successful leaders enlist the team in scoring collective quick wins that result from working together
toward a shared vision.
True False
11. According to the trait approach to leadership, some personality characteristics do distinguish effective
leaders from other people.
True False
12. According to the trait approach to leadership, need for achievement predicts success for division heads in
larger and more bureaucratic firms.
True False


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