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Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing, Theory and Application 8th Edition by Bessie L Marquis – Huston – Test Bank

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Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing, Theory and Application 8th Edition by Bessie L Marquis – Huston – Test Bank

Chapter 07

1. What determines the functions and priorities of an organization?
A) The organization’s mission statement
B) The organization’s budget
C) Consumer satisfaction surveys
D) The organization’s policy and procedure statements
Ans: A
The mission statement is a brief statement identifying the reason the organization exists and its future aim or function. This is not the function of the other options.

2. What is the best definition for the process of planning?
A) Problem oriented
B) Short-term goal setting
C) Continuous with cyclic evaluation checkpoints
D) A long-range needs assessment
Ans: C
Planning can be short term or long term, but should always include built-in evaluation checkpoints so there can be a midcourse correction if unexpected events occur.

3. Which is a true statement about planning?
A) All plans should be defined well so that changes aren’t necessary
B) Long- and short-range plans should be kept separate so priorities do not become confused
C) Objectives and goals must be established before the philosophy is written
D) All plans should include reasonable time limits
Ans: D
Every plan should have a reasonable time span for completion. The other statements are not true regarding the process of planning.

4. During the process of acquiring values, criteria should be used to assist in clarifying the chosen value. Which is a criterion for a true value? Select all that apply.
A) It is freely chosen from among alternatives
B) It is prized and cherished
C) It is positively affirmed
D) It is acted upon
Ans: A, B, C, D
A value is prized and cherished, positively affirmed and acted upon, and chosen freely from among alternative. Because our values change with time, periodic clarification is necessary to determine how our values may have changed.

5. Which statement identifies a characteristic of a planning objective?
A) It has a specific time frame for completion
B) It is subjectively evaluated on a periodic basis
C) It has a100% compliance as a minimum criterion
D) It is broad and inclusive in its nature
Ans: A
Multiple planning objectives, each with a target completion date, make up a goal. The remaining options are not characteristics of this objective.

6. How is the leadership role and management function associated with operational and strategic planning?
A) Articulating the unit philosophy in writing
B) Assessing unit resources available for planning
C) Developing unit policies and procedures that operationalized unit objectives
D) Encouraging subordinates to be involved in policy formation
Ans: D
Encouraging subordinates is a leadership function; the others are management functions. The other options do not achieve this goal.

7. What is required in a health-care organization philosophy statement?
A) Should be evident in a nursing department’s decisions, priorities, and behavior
B) Has value, even if not implemented, because it provides a picture of what the organization would like to accomplish
C) Should reflect the values and priorities of each specific unit manager
D) Should be consistent with that of other health care agencies in the area to avoid competition
Ans: A
The unit philosophy will be congruent with the organizational philosophy. A philosophy delineates the set of values and beliefs that guide all actions. The other options do not accurately describe requirements of a health-care organization philosophy statement.

8. Which term is used for strategies that are neither written nor stated verbally and that have developed over time called?
A) Implied policies
B) Expressed policies
C) Understood precedents
D) The organizational culture
Ans: A
Implied policies are neither written nor stated verbally and have developed over time. The other options fail to meet this description.

9. Place the planning hierarchy in its proper order from top (being 1) to bottom (being 7) represent.
A) Philosophy
B) Goals
C) Mission statement
D) Objectives
E) Policies
F) Procedures
G) Rules
Ans: C
The planning hierarchy follows this order: begins with organization’s mission statement, philosophy, goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and ends with rules.

10. What is represented in a document entitled Fourteen Specific Steps to Successful Intravenous Catheterization at Hospital XYZ?
A) Philosophy
B) Mission statement
C) Policy
D) Procedure
Ans: D
Procedures delineate a series of specific steps of required action. None of the other options is the focus of this document.


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