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Intimate Relationships Marriages And Families 9th Edition by Nancy Stinnett – Test Bank

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Intimate Relationships Marriages And Families 9th Edition by Nancy Stinnett – Test Bank

Student: ___________________________________________________________________________
1. Power in intimate relationships refers to:

A. the ability to influence other family members to get what one wants

B. the influence that families have in society

C. how strong a relationship is when stressful situations occur

D. how much authority parents have over their children and each other

2. Which of the following does your text say to be true regarding the exercise of power?

A. People who exercise power live a life of conflict.

B. People can find fulfillment without having to exercise power over others.

C. Without some personal power, it’s difficult to survive as an independent individual.

D. It’s unhealthy for children to try to influence their parents

3. The power bestowed by society on men and women as their right according to social prescription is called

A. legitimate power

B. legal power

C. economic power

D. social power

4. According to the text, legitimate power can be said to refer to power that ______.

A. gets us what we wanted

B. is lawful

C. is bestowed by society as our right

D. doesn’t hurt anyone else

5. Our families of origin _______ how we exercise power.

A. determine

B. dictate

C. have little control over

D. teach us

6. The first power base from which the child learns to function is the

A. school

B. playground

C. neighborhood

D. family of origin

7. According to the text, the need to have power over other people is:

A. a healthy expression of societal and family power

B. a compensation for inner insecurities

C. a construct of social control theory

D. natural as long as no one gets hurt

8. According to _____ theory, the use of power or violence is a response to an upsetting behavior by others.

A. social control theory

B. attachment theory

C. feminist theory

D. patriarchal theory

9. Which theoretical framework, used to explain the need for power, asserts that the patriarchal hierarchy in families allows the use of male-female violence as a way of maintaining male power within the marriage?

A. attachment theory

B. social control theory

C. feminist theory

D. patriarchal theory



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