Test Banks Exam LTD is committed to providing up-to-date and authentic test bank information for students. To ensure our customers get the best service, we adhere to a set of billing terms and conditions:

-All content on this website, including products, samples, and advertising material belongs to the website owner. Reference information such as book titles, authors or cover images are only intended for student use and not for sale in any form. Moreover, the design, logos, templates, and concepts present in this website are all property of the site’s owner and external use is strictly prohibited.

-Any materials downloaded from this website or received from the website owner should be used exclusively for academic purposes. Reselling or redistributing content with or without monetary exchange is strictly forbidden and legal action will be taken upon discovery of any such activities. Customers who purchase digital content may own it and use it within academic guidelines; however, Test Banks Exam LTD cannot be held accountable for any claims brought forward by authorities.

-The price listed on each product’s page is what a customer will pay – there are no hidden costs. Offers can also be revoked at any time by the site’s owner. The customer needs to stay informed about any changes before placing their order.

Test Banks Exam LTD does not accept payments via credit/debit card numbers or other methods of banking communications; customers must always make use of secure payment gateways provided by the company itself. Refunds will not be accepted since all products come in digital download form; if a technical issue arises due to staff error or due to another instance, then reasonable measures shall be undertaken promptly through email communication or live chat support services available onsite.

-In case of any dispute arising from the terms mentioned above, only courts located in the jurisdiction mentioned upon filing shall take up this case until its conclusion; both parties involved shall agree with these courts in advance before starting proceedings against one another.

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